Wood Fireplace Insert Ideas

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Americans are becoming more conscientious about the money they spend. For all that can be said about the economic downturn and the events that have resulted in the last two years, one may certainly see that a frugality has been reintroduced to Americans that we haven’t seen in several generations.

Making our homes more efficient is certainly a part of that new-found frugality. The US Department of Energy teaches us that most homes lose heat through windows, doors and other openings, up to 80 percent of a home’s energy costs.

Though fire places are certainly beautiful, they do little to improve a home’s heating. Wood fireplace insert designs can certainly change this problem. What’s more is that homeowners can take advantage of a tax credit of up to $1500 for improving the energy efficiency of their home, all the while updating or improving the appearance of their home.

Ironically, none of this is new. A hearth is a version of a fireplace insert. A hearth would resemble a stove, but use a fireplace-type opening to vent the exhaust.

Modern fireplace insert options add more benefits, however, and fit snuggly into the preexisting fireplace. These inserts reduce the heat that is lost to the fireplace and return the heat to the room instead. Many of these inserts even come with blowers to increase the heat output and thermostats to help regulate temperature.

There are plenty of other options as well. It is possible to purchase a fireplace insert that burns wood or a wood simulacrum. Wood pellets are one such example, providing that fireplace glow, but, oftentimes, the smell of a fireplace. Others might opt for other choices, selecting a propane fireplace insert or one that uses natural gas. Such options also make remote or push button start a possibility.

Of course the option that is most fun is deciding on the look of a fireplace insert. At this point, these units have been so updated that selecting one might be a challenge. Traditional-looking models are available, that simple add a rustic look to the fireplace.

It is, however, equally possible to procure a model that updates the entire look of the house, like a unit that is completely glass and modernizes the entire fireplace. Indeed, such an insert would help to redesign an entire room, as a fireplace is often a focal point of a room.

Given that we would all like our homes to operate more efficiently and save us more of our hard-earned money, wood fireplace inserts are options that make sense. Not only do they decrease heating costs, but they can update the look of an entire room while netting the homeowner a very attractive tax credit.

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