Fireplace Tools for Function and Decor

A good set of fireplace tools is essential if you plan on building fires. However, in addition to serving a useful purpose, a set of fireplace tools can also add a touch of beauty to your hearth area. In fact, many people tend to purchase their fireplace tools based more on how they look than on their useful features. Although it’s certainly important to choose a set that complements the design of your home, it’s also important to choose a well-made set of tools that can be used to safely and efficiently tend to a fire. If you are currently shopping for fireplace tools, here are some pointers you can use to make sure you get the tools you need.

Individual Tools or Fireplace Tool Set?

Most people find that purchasing an entire set of fireplace tools is the best approach. Not only will you get tools that match, but you’ll also get a handy rack in which to store them. Purchasing a set is usually more economical than purchasing tools individually, and can be a great way of getting everything you need, especially if you are not terribly familiar with the kinds of tools you will need. However, even if you purchase a set, you might find that you can benefit from purchasing one or two tools separately. For example, most standard fireplace tool sets do not come with a bellow, which can be a very useful item when tending a fire. Purchasing a standard set of tools and then supplementing it with additional tools as needed is often the best approach.

Essential Tools for the Fireplace

Although everyone seems to have their favorite fireplace tool, there are a few that you simply cannot be without. The andiron is an essential component of any fireplace, as it is used as the area where the logs are to be stacked. The andiron will elevate the logs, providing ventilation for the fire while keeping the burning logs close together. A poker is also an essential tool, which is used to stir and move the burning logs and ashes. A good set of fireplace tongs, which are usually shaped like a pair of scissors, can be essential for safely moving and lifting logs inside the firebox. The bellow is used to pump air into the firebox, which can make the fire burn stronger. You’ll also want a small shovel and broom to help keep the area neat and tidy.

Stylish Features to Consider

When choosing between fireplace tools, try to balance form and function. If you plan to use your fireplace a lot, iron tools are often the best choice. Although they are not as decorative as their brass counterparts, they are quite strong and durable. They are also much less expensive than brass fireplace tools. However, if you want a truly decorative look for your hearth area, brass tools can be hard to beat. If you need the durability of iron but crave the beauty of brass, you can also compromise on iron tools that have beautifully gleaming brass handles. With just a little shopping, you’ll see that there are plenty of styles to choose from; so whether you decorate with contemporary metal art or nautical sailboats wall decor, there are fireplace tools that will complement your decor.

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