Cozy Up With Oak Electric Fireplaces

If you’ve always wanted a home with a traditional-looking fireplace, but live in a house with boring flat walls, don’t despair. A traditional look is all your by just a plug and a standard household electrical outlet. An oak electric fireplace is the answer and these cost effective and attractive units can be installed anywhere with venting required. And if it’s cozy and warm that you want, your oak electric fireplace can do that, too. Most units come with adjustable thermostats that maintain your room’s temperature so you can run your fireplace with just the look of real flames without heat or take advantage of a cost-effective heating.

* A new oak electric fireplaces offers:
* The look and feel of a traditional fireplace
* Easy to use
* Real-looking flames
* No costly installation
* Portability
* Instant atmosphere to create a warm and family-friendly space

An Eco-Friendly Oak Electric Fireplace

Burning wood is becoming a an eco no-no in many communities. Your new oak electric fireplace is an environmentally friendly alternative. They emit no no carbon emission or CO-2

Additional ly electric fireplaces are inexpensive to operative. Dimplex says there units operates for pennies a day. The flame alone uses a little under 300 Watts, while using the heating features use up to 1500 Watts. Based on average electrical cost, that works out to about 8 cents an hour. A gas powered fireplace averages around 17 cents an hour.

Safety is another advantage of using electric fireplaces. There are no real flames or embers to worry about that may cause fire. With no flames or combustible energy sources, there’ no worry about depleting oxygen or carbon monoxide poisoning. The glass doors also remain cool to the touch, that’s especially nice if you have kids around the house.

Save Space with a Corner Oak Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces come in all sizes. If space is tight you might want to think about a corner oak electric fireplace. You can still have the ambiance and feel of a fireplace, but tucked into a corner that uses less floor space. And if you don’t like it in that corner… or even that room, you can simply move it. There are no venting fuel pipelines so all you need to do is unplug the unit and go. Talk about plug and play.

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