Fireplace Screen Shopping Guide

Finding fireplace screens that match the decor of your home can be challenging if you have eclectic tastes. In the past, a screen for your home’s fireplace really served a much more practical function. Without it, your house could be at risk for burning down. This is especially true if your fireplace burns real logs.

Wood Fireplace Insert Ideas

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Americans are becoming more conscientious about the money they spend. For all that can be said about the economic downturn and the events that have resulted in the last two years, one may certainly see that a frugality has been reintroduced to Americans that we haven’t seen in

Direct Vent Fireplaces – Great for Limited Space

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace in your home but did not have the room for a traditional fireplace, a direct vent fireplace which uses propane or natural gas provides the solution. Instead of venting through a chimney, this type of fireplace vents directly to the outside through a hole in an exterior wall. It

Fireplace Hearth Ideas

In the days before centralized heating became common in homes, the fireplace hearth was the center of the home, the place where the family would gather on cold winter nights to read, share stories about the day’s happenings or simply enjoy the warmth of the fire. Although by strict definition the hearth refers to the

Maintaining Your Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an extremely useful addition to any home. It offers the comfortable, cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace, without the inefficiency, dirt, and mess. Plus, unlike a traditional fireplace, your electric model isn’t much of a fire hazard. It’s the perfect fit for any modern home, and can be used to replace

Great Fireplace Remodeling Design Ideas

I love fireplaces – all fireplaces! From traditional to modern to stone to wood to even glass fireplaces. Yes, we even have an ultra modern fireplace that is glass! And I love all types of fireplaces, from the electric to the gas to the wood burning. The gas starters with real wood are simply my

Does Your Fireplace Smoke Up Your House?

Does your fireplace smoke every time you build a fire? Does it smoke so bad that you wont burn a fire? There are several reasons why a fireplace “smokes”. Usually the size of the firebox (where the fire is) is larger than the flue that serves the fireplace. There is a mathematical equation that must

Glass Fireplace Doors

Picture this: you and your latest lover are curled up together on a warm blanket in front of a blazing fire. There are almost-empty wine glasses in your hands (the ones that are free and not all over each other, of course). There is an array of romantic picnic leftover spread between you (you know,

Cozy Up With Oak Electric Fireplaces

If you’ve always wanted a home with a traditional-looking fireplace, but live in a house with boring flat walls, don’t despair. A traditional look is all your by just a plug and a standard household electrical outlet. An oak electric fireplace is the answer and these cost effective and attractive units can be installed anywhere

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Outdoor Fireplaces

Many families across the country are turning to their own backyards when they want to find a space to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and entertain their friends. Outdoor living spaces are a great way to extend living space and explore one’s inner designer continuing the interior design scheme or express oneself by introducing totally